Lady B and JMG – Sugar Skull Inked

Lady B took the time to put some color and life into one of my Sugar Skulls.  Her work is incredible and I was honored when she asked me if she could do it.  I have to say it turned out better than I would have ever expected.  I’ve had many request for prints and Lady B and I have been in discussion on getting some made.  We will let you know when they are available.  But for now, enjoy her work by checking out her blog @ Sniffing Glue Dots! Or just go to Thanks for everyone who has commented on the original pencil art drawing of this sugar skull and feel free to comment on Lady B’s work.  She’s good huh?


4 thoughts on “Lady B and JMG – Sugar Skull Inked

  1. Ijmgcreations,

    Your drawings are amazing! I left a comment on Lady B’s blog as well about the above sugar skull collaboration. It is breathtaking and I would be honored if I could use the image as my business logo. I am just in the beginning stages of development and strongly feel that your image perfectly embraces the energy of my jewelry line. Thank you for your sharing your artwork with us all.


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