Zombie Girl Drawing


20 thoughts on “Zombie Girl Drawing

  1. great drawings!!! Absolutly love these!, would love to render these as tattoos, let me know if you would`nt mind me using these as tattoos as they would make a great piece!.. I will send some photos if you agree.. cheers


  2. hello there!

    this picture would be perfect for a zombie apocalypse theme project i’m doing for print class, if you don’t mind me using it?

    all credit goes to you of course!


  3. Would you allow me to color this fantastic image for a non-paid zombie apocalypse project I am doing? You will receive full credit for your line art with a link back to your blog. I am a huge fan of your work!

    Angela Brown
    aka Lady B


  4. I would just like to tell you, this picture drew to me so much. It’s really amazing, and I just got it inked on my calf. Your art is really outstanding and I would love to show you the tat.


  5. A client of mine appreciates ur art and would like the zombie girl u did tattooed on him! I am a professional artist and if u dont mind me tattloing it ill give u full credit of it being ur artwork! My facebook is blade180dru@yahoo.com thanks Amanda at heart and soul tattoo Pa.


  6. Hey, I’m an amateur poet (I guess), and I’ve been writing a poem about a little zombie girl, and this picture is perfect. My I please use it on my blog? All credit will be given. Amazing art bud.


  7. hi! i used you zombie girl in a tattoo on my side. a little different but the base of the girl is yours. do you want a picture of this? and are you gonna draw any more in this style? i was thinking of inking my whole stomach and the other side too and would love to have something in the same style 😀


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